How I Index Backlinks to Google

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Today, In this Article, I am gonna tell you, How I index my Backlinks to Google.

Guys, we index our website articles or our blog articles to Google, Right? just like that, we should also index our Backlinks to Google.

The Method I’m gonna tell you in this Article is totally free. There are Paid Methods also, and you can also try them


When you manually create Backlinks or comment on other Blogs for getting Backlinks, Have you ever noticed, They provide you with a unique URL.

Let me show you how.

  • When you post a comment on other’s blog posts for generating Backlinks, you will get a unique URL in the URL section like this-
  • To get this link, write a good relevant comment on any blog post just like we comment for getting backlinks, like this-
  • After posting the comment you will get the URL.
  • You have to copy that URL and simply have to paste it into Notepad Like this-
  • Now, In the image above, I’ve only pasted one URL for my Article in the Notepad, But you have paste at least 5-10 Backlink URLs.
  • Once you have pasted all the URLs in the notepad, I’ve shorlisted some links below… Open them one by one and ping the URL from the notepad.


Now, If you don’t know what does ‘Ping your URL or Website Article’ means, then let me tell you in simple terms.

‘There are many ping tools on internet some are paid and most of them are free to you.

If you Ping your URL by the means of these Tools, they basically tell the search engines that you have something new rather say, you have a new URL that has to be Indexed in the search engines.

If you want to learn more about ‘ search engine directory submission and pinging your Article, Click here*

  • Just Visit above websites – Enter your Blog name, Enter the URL, Enter your Email and Choose categories in some of the websites.
How I Index Backlinks to Google
  • After entering URL Click on ‘Send ping or Ping’ Buttons.
  • This Process Will take its time, be patient. After some time you will Get an Email.


In this way, You can index your backlinks. By this method, you will notice that your backlinks will be indexed fast as compared to the traditional ways also your Article will rank on Google fast.

I hope this Practice helps you to rank your Article Fast. By Using This method only I index my Articles. If you have any Doubts, Questions or Thoughts Share them via comments section below.

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