Hindi Spell Checker for Blogs and Website

If you run a blog or a website in Hindi, and you are searching for a tool that looks at the words of Hindi written by you, then your search has got a stop, this tool has been written in Hindi. Enabling the spell to a certain degree is possible. So let’s know, this tool is what and how it works. 
To use this tool you will have to download Firefox to your computer, this tool will only be activated or working on firefox browser. After downloading Firefox, you can download Firefox Spell Checker by clicking here and download Firefox add-on. 

Hindi Spell Checker for Blogs and Website

1.On clicking, you will see such an image, click on add to Firefox.
Hindi Spell Checker for Bloggers


2. Once clicked it will start downloading something like this. 
Hindi Spell Checker for Blogs and Website
3. When it is downloaded, this window will open in front of you, click on ADD, so that this add-on is installed in your browser.  

Hindi Spell Checker for Blogs and Website

4. When this add-on is installed in your browser, it will ask you to restart according to the given picture, click on it, this will restart the browser rather than your computer.

Hindi Spell Checker for Blogs and Website
Now It has become an add-on. And it will work only in Firefox,
Now enable it while writing an article,
Right click with the mouse and select Hindi (India) by going to the Languages option.
This tool will be activated as soon as it is activated, now just start typing.
The words you get on the red color are understood in your words There is some shortage, right-click on the red line to correct that word, then you will see a list of correct words like this,
If you think that the word given in the list is correct, then select it, after selecting the word from the list, that word will change with your typed word, and if you think that your word is correct, then Click Add to Dictionary, this will add the word you typed in the Hindi Spell Checker to Dictionary, and the red line will go away from it. 




  1. Appreciate the recommendation. Will try it out.

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